2014 Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura interviewed by CleanTechnica

Shuji Nakamura, Awarded Nobel Prize In Physics In 2014, Interviewed By CleanTechnica


February 2nd, 2019 by  

Shuji Nakamura was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014  He met up with the director and chief editor for CleanTechnicaZachary Shahan, at the 2018 Zayed Energy Prize Awards.

Zach asked Shuji Nakamura, “So, you’ve been working at Santa Barbara 17 years?”

Shuji Nakamura responds, “Yes, since 2000.”

Zach inquires, “And this is where the discoveries were made or you made them earlier?”

“Yeah, yeah I developed them — I made them in Japan before coming to the United States.”

Zach asked, “And that was part of what led you to the work at the University of Santa Barbara, was to continue this research and development?”

Nakamura replies, “Yes, in California, I continue my research.”

Photo by Matt Perko, UCSB
Photo by Matt Perko, UCSB