The Nakamura Corner is unveiled at Xingda, Taiwan

Edison Nobel Prize in Physics winner of the 21st century Shuji Nakamura Hing lecture

Source: 2019-9-11 / Great News / Xiao Yuting

Hing school celebrateed its centenary celebration by holding a series of master Nobel Lecture on September 11th to invite the "Father of the blue," winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, Shuji Nakamura, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The school held the opening ceremony of the special exhibit of Professor Nakamura Shuji on the first floor of the library, with nearly 700 people in attendance. 

Xingda specially planned the Nakamura corner Nakamura corner exhibition. The exhibition introduced the contribution, achievements and influence of Professor Nakamura in the blue light diode (LED), and exhibited the evolution history of light illumination, showing three important papers in Nakamura's life. 

Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura in -largest school speech to open up horizons of students

Source: 2019-09-11 / CNA / Li Zhao Yan

Nakamura Shuji gave a lecture on "The Invention of Blu-ray Diodes and Future Solid-State Lighting", talking about the process of developing blue LEDs and the impact on humans, as well as the process of struggle.

At the end of the speech, Nakamura Shuji and the Central Research Institute Scholar Du Jingning, Xingda Yushan Scholar Professor Du Wuqing and Xingda Materials Department Honorary Distinguished Professor Wu Dongxing jointlydiscussedthe solid-state lighting that the industry cares about the LED lighting, blue disaster and other life issues that the general public care about. Future market and technology, as well as dialogue on topics such as student education and teacher research.

In addition to attracting the participation of master students, Fengjia University, Taichung No. 1 Middle School, Taichung Women's Middle School, Xingda High School, Mingdao Middle School and other students, as well as LED manufacturers Longda Electronics, Chewang Electronics, Jingyuan Optoelectronics, Metal Industry Research and Development Nearly 700 people in the optoelectronic industry, such as the center, participated in the event.

Hing president Xue Fusheng said that by looking forward to a series of master classes Nobel, driven academic atmosphere, by close contact with the master, lit young students learning enthusiasm, expand their horizons and pattern.