Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Hall of Fame

'The Current War' Helps CTA Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Hall of Fame

NOV 1, 2019

The timing of the film's release is wonderfully and coincidentally relevant. Next week, Nov. 6, CTA will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the CTA Hall of Fame at its annual induction dinner, to be held at SIR Stage37 in New York. Edison and Tesla were part of the inaugural CTA Hall of Fame class in 2000; Westinghouse was inducted in the second group the following year.

This year's CTA Hall of Fame inductees to be honored at next week's dinner include:

  • Colin Angle, co-founder and CEO of iRobot and co-inventor of the Roomba vacuum cleaner.
  • James "Jim" Barry, who spent 18 years as an influential consumer technology reporter and editor, then 22 years appearing across the country on TV and radio as CTA's Digital Answer Man.
  • Henry Chiarelli, who has been a ubiquitous executive for numerous leading consumer technology, e-commerce and retail businesses, including RadioShack, for four decades.
  • Elizabeth "Jake" Feinler organized the online information system for Arpanet, the early version of the Internet, and led the team that devised today's familiar top-level internet dot-com domains, including .com.
  • Shuji Nakamura invented the blue LED, which makes "white" power-efficient LED light bulbs possible, and the blue laser that made the Blu-ray disc format possible.
  • Owen D. Young founded the U.S.'s first radio company, RCA, which enabled the commercialization of radio and the creation of the consumer technology business.

Young's induction as part of this year's class is timed to coincide with the centennial of RCA, the most dominant company in consumer technology industry history, which was officially established October 17, 1919. Young's induction is particularly significant since he has somehow been otherwise lost to history, yet is likely the executive most responsible for founding the entire consumer technology industry

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  • 2019 CTA Hall of Fame inductee
    2019 CTA Hall of Fame inductee