Nitrides Seminar - Wan Ying Ho, Graduate Student Researcher, Materials

5/25/2021 12:00PM via Zoom

Nitrides Seminar

Tuesday,May 25,2021, 12:00PM

Meeting ID: 883 1669 0520

Passcode: 080534


University of California, Santa Barbara


Wan Ying Ho
Graduate Student Researcher, Materials Dept., Speck Group


Quantitative Correlation of Hot Electrons Emission to Auger Recombination in c-plane III-Nitride blue LEDs


While III-Nitride light emitting diodes (LEDs) promises higher energy savings than the current dominant fluorescent lamps, it has yet to fully replace the older technology. One major roadblock to full market penetration is the efficiency droop phenomenon, where light emitted increases sub linearly with increased carrier injection. Many mechanisms have been proposed to explain droop, among them includes carrier escape and overshoot from the active regions, defect-assisted tunneling, carrier localization and Auger recombination. To date, the dominant mechanism of droop remains a topic of debate. In 2014, the first direct measurement of Auger-generated hot carriers was performed using electron emission spectroscopy (EES), showing that droop is related to a hot carrier generation process. In this talk, I will discuss a new quantitative correlation analysis using past and current EES data to provide insight into the origins of hot emitted electrons.