This information is provided to aid faculty, students, and other research personnel with the scheduling and reimbursement of University related travel. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, but rather a guide in helping employees understand Center requirements and expectations. A complete copy of the University's policy on travel can be found at the UCSB Business & Financial Services' Travel Planning website. If you have specific questions, please direct them to your Travel Coordinator.


Prior approval Department Travel Pre-Approval Form (see forms on the right) is required for all travel to ensure proper agency approval, advisor approval and existing funding for proposed travel. It is imperative that this form be completed and submitted prior to making travel arrangements.

SSLEEC Guidelines for Concur Requests and Reimbursement

Travel advances are payments made before a trip takes place and can be issued for expenses incurred, such as airfare and registration fees. If you need an advance, please indicate this on the travel approval form and attach receipts for your incurred expenses. Receipts must be itemized and show proof of payment. Please plan ahead and submit advance requests at least 2 weeks prior to your trip.  Advances cannot be issued after you leave for your trip, or if you have previous travel advances that have not been cleared.


When filling out travel forms, you will need an account name and number to which the expenses will be charged. Please also provide the project code, if available.

Upon completion of the trip, original receipts and a Domestic Travel Reimbursement Worksheet or Foreign Travel Reimbursement Worksheet are to be submitted as soon as possible to your Travel Coordinator for reimbursement preparation. Traveler and funding P.I. must sign the Worksheet.


All receipts submitted must be originals. The original "passenger receipt" must be submitted, including when airfare has been paid by Travel Advance. Include a copy of the travel itinerary when submitting receipts. Submit receipts electronically whenever possible.  When submitting paper receipts please place in an envelope to prevent loss. Do not staple or tape the receipts.


Airline tickets can be purchased once travel approval is obtained. Students, Post-Docs and Visiting Researchers are responsible for making their own flight reservations. Traveler must use a U.S. carrier (economy class). 

Contact Information

Fukiko Miyazaki
(805) 893-8462

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Flights for trips with personal time must have comparison flight itineraries from the same day the actual flight was booked showing the cost if you flew only on the days right before and after the conference.

Passenger Receipt coupon, requested from travel agent OR original itinerary showing cost of ticket and method of payment OR a written receipt, requested by traveler at airport. Boarding passes are not sufficient.


Traveler is required to refund any advance immediately when a trip is canceled or indefinitely postponed. (Refund checks should be made payable to UC Regents.)

Traveler is responsible for the cancellation or any changes made to reservations. If the trip itinerary is changed or canceled en route, do not throw away any unused portion of tickets. Unused tickets must be submitted for refund.


Canada and Mexico are considered domestic travel.

In some cases, prior approval by a funding source is required from agency for foreign travel. Always confirm approval in advance of any plans. Required agency approval varies from 60-90 days prior to trip.

You must use a U.S. Flag carrier for air transportation to foreign countries, unless specific instances apply, such as, if there are no US carriers available you may request an exception through proper channels to use a foreign carrier.

Foreign per diem rates (lodging, meals and miscellaneous) vary by date and city. Rates may be obtained from your Travel Coordinator. Please visit the website below to view foreign per diem rates: per diem rates calculator.


The Graduate Division awards travel funds to graduate students one time per academic career. The student must fill out an application and submit it to the Graduate Division. If approved, for reimbursement purposes, please submit a copy of the award letter to your travel coordinator. For more information and applications, contact the Student Affairs Office at (805) 893-4601.

Additional Information

An original itemized hotel receipt must accompany requests for reimbursement. Room charge and tax must be itemized separately from other expenses charged to the room. The maximum domestic room rate is $275 per night before taxes and fees. Reimbursement for lodging is not allowed when the total trip is less than 21 hours.

If you share a hotel room, please request that the invoice is divided accordingly.  This is especially important if you and your roommate(s) are not funded on the same account.  Failure to do so may delay your reimbursement.  

Please visit the website below for discounted rates associated with UCSB: UC Office of the President Connexxus Travel Program

SSLEEC requires itemized receipts for meals during travel. There is a $79/day maximum allowance. This is NOT to be treated as a per diem rate. You should report meal expenses on the meal log based on the actual expenses you have incurred. Please keep receipts until you have received your reimbursement. Alcohol expenses are not a reimbursable travel expense and should be omitted from your request. There is no meal allowance for domestic trips under 24 hours.  

Reimbursement of 65.5 cents a mile is allowed when personal vehicles are used. Vehicle license plate number must be provided when claiming mileage for a personal vehicle. Personal vehicles must have liability insurance in order to receive reimbursement.

If necessary, registration fees may be paid by a Travel Advance if submitted more than 2 weeks prior to trip. However, if the trip is less than 2 weeks away, there may not be enough time for the conference to receive payment before its start date. In that case, the traveler should pay it. In both cases, receipts will be required for reimbursement.

UC has corporate agreements with some vehicle rental agencies. Their UC contract price includes extra insurance for Loss Damage Waiver, Collision Damage Waiver, Supplemental Liability Insurance and Liability Insurance Supplement. Travelers will not be reimbursed for this personal accident insurance for rental vehicles (exception: foreign travel). Please visit the website below for discounted rates associated with UCSB: UC Office of the President Connexxus Travel Program

If your purchased airfare is indirect and/or includes personal time, please print a quote that shows what the cost of airfare would have been for direct travel on business dates.  Submit the quote in addition to your actual airfare receipt.   The quote should be printed on the same date that you actually purchase your ticket.