Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 12:00 pm

Graduate Students Tanay Tak and Arturo Juan recognized by Department Chair Michael Chabinyc


The Department is happy to announce the recipients of the Bright Horizon Global Foundation Materials Department Service Awards. These annual awards recognize students and post-doctoral researchers within the Materials Department for contributions that help to improve our sense of community and to assist in the educational mission beyond expectations. 

We greatly appreciate the impact of the recipients and their sustained activities over the year across research, mentoring, and climate: 

Arturo Juan
for dedication to outreach to underrepresented undergraduate students

Tanay Tak
for exceptional contributions to fostering professional and personal development of students in the Materials Department and in the Materials community at large.

Special award: Materials Student Association
for fostering community among Materials students, establishing programs for mentorship of new students, and developing programs that facilitate professional development and promote belonging

The awards are supported by a generous donation from the Bright Horizon Global Foundation.  The Foundation was founded by Dr. Mason Hu and Dorice Hu and one of its missions is to sustainably better our society through investment in education.  Dr. Hu is one of the first PhD graduates of the Materials Department.  The Department appreciates their support of these awards that recognize emerging leaders in materials science for their contributions beyond the laboratory and classroom.

best regards, Michael

Michael Chabinyc
Professor and Department Chair
Materials Department