Patent filing is a very important component of the SSLEEC research. All SSLEEC patents are filed through Yukina Warner. 

Filing Patents

Use the form provided by Technology Industry Alliance (TIA) to prepare the patent disclosure form. Then contact Yukina Warner prior to filing. Please include if the patent is a rush and if so, why (for publishing, giving a talk, updating funding reports). 

You will be asked to sign documents and will be contacted to update technical descriptions, etc. 

Export Control and Compliance

The University is committed to complying with all U.S. export control laws in both research and non-research activities. To learn more about export control regulations which cover shipments of controlled physical items, contact the Export Control office (  

Length: 40 min   Copyright: 2021     Course Code: UCLOL0063
Overview of export controls. Topics include: Regulations, Fundamental Research Exclusion, Risks (Shipping, Biological agents, ITAR-work, International collaborations, and International travel), and Location export control resources.