Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) Lab

Home to 6 MOCVD and 3 HVPE systems for growth of GaN and related materials, classical III-V semiconductors, and semiconducting oxides.

MOCVD Lab Internal Campus Rate: $395/run, effective 07/01/24. 

SSLEEC Room Reservations

To reserve the SSLEEC Conference room (Engineering II, 3513) or the SSLEEC Boardroom (Engineering II, 2512), please contact Fukiko Miyazaki or Yukina Warner.

These two rooms can only be reserved for SSLEEC personnel and SSLEEC affiliates and are not open to the campus.

To reserve the SSLEEC Seminar Room (Engineering II, 3519), please contact the Materials Department front desk .

Engineering Sciences Building Conference Reservations

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Contact Information

Mike Iza
MOCVD lab manager
Office EII 3525